It used to be Friday, the day of table soccer, the explosive start of our freedom from work. And for this we picked the Lukin. And as in London every pub has a shelf life, the Lukin is sadly no more. Our Fridays remain a season of our lives that we love to remember. Time that was and it is no longer.  

This set of images was taken at the Lukin, whilst playing table soccer on many Fridays, back in 2017.  It is a collection of multi-exposures that are set to capture the excitement, the synchronicity of movements, the frenzy of action. The technique is rather simple: the camera shutter is set on bulb mode, opens and remain open, whilst a flash is used to create a series of lamps. Each of these lamps records  incremental exposures within the same image. The camera shifts, twists and pans across the game table, towards the opponents, along the goalkeeper, to the ball, the attack, a glass of beer on the shelf. An image is completed when the bulb mode stops.  Through this process images encode time, sequences: it is all fast, results are messy, crowded, confused, drunken, blurred, somewhere sharp, somewhat fractal. One can zoom within an area of an image to  discover details, clues, explore. 

There is a lot to see. There is noise, there is screaming, insulting, rage and joy. 

There is all that we felt every Friday at the Lukin. 

Farewell Lukin!

*    *    *

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